The Company

InfraTags BV is a joint venture between Evalan B.V. and TALLO B.V.

Evalan is an innovation company based in Amsterdam. Evalan develops, markets and sells services that use state-of-the-art communications technology, with focus on remote monitoring and telemetry solutions. TALLO is a developer of new business initiatives that use innovation and technology, and supports the acceleration of existing business concepts. TALLO consists of a team of experienced professionals with a strong network of contacts in all layers of Dutch industry and government.


InfraTags BV delivers a full suite of products and services for wireless monitoring of critical devices both in underground structures as well as overhead environments.

he products can encompass the whole spectrum of tags, scanners, communication, collection and compilation of data, applications and integration with existing system environments. Services are consultancy, implementation, commissioning, maintenance, management and hosting of data and applications, as well as the interpretation and pro-active operation of data. ​


Do you want to monitor one or more specific remotely installed devices? Than Infratags can deliver the adequate products & services.

(Public) infrastructure such as telecommunications, power, sewage, water both underground and surface Public) services Machinery Health & safety Mobility Installations Sports Built environment: houses, offices, warehouses, shops Off shore


For additional information or to get in contact:

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